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By masterjedikolar461
Written May 24, 2016
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A must see movie

By gearhead250gto
Written December 07, 2008
This is a great, great movie. The action will keep the less perceptive people entertained, however the historical undertones and subtlties are what makes this movie very entertaining and real for me. Of course those historical undetones and subtlties are the reason for the graphic novel on which this movie is based. A population of a people are scared into electing a leader/party that end up becoming permanent and the sole power. And they way the movie casts the government is an obvious and yet very subtle comparison to Nazi Germany. The "camps" and taking of the people "behind the water shed" are a direct inference. This movie is about how people need to open their eyes and take their country back and realize that freedom doesn't consist of government censorship and control...that they shouldn't be afraid and that an idea is stronger than any one person. There are some communism/capitalism/cold war undertones as well. Revenge and love come into play as well. I
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By Sigil
Written May 15, 2013
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A Movie After My Own Heart

By Von_Schnookin
Written December 26, 2008
Oh dear lord. I LOVED this movie. I had to watch it a few times to get it, like Matrix, but it was totally worth it. When I tell people its about a terrorist out to seek vengance, they usually run away. But its so much more. Its one of the times when the terrorist is the good guy, the government is the bad guy, and the people are so lost and confused from being told two different things they don't know what to do. This movie is so amazing. The acting is top notch, Hugo Weaving did excellent despite the fact that his face was hidden by a mask through the whole movie, and he was still able to express an incredible amount of emotion. Fantastic. Natalie Portman had PERFECT transition from a terrified, meek girl, to a strong, fearless woman. If you haven't seen this movie, see it ASAP! -Von Schnookin
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Hidden Liberalism

By MovieBuffMonster
Written November 18, 2014
Definetly avoid this movie at all costs. The hidden anti-american values are spread throughout the entirety of this overly-long movie. Such as, why is the head catholic leader a lustful monster? Why is the main character a terrorist? Why would the governenment conduct tests on random people? Why would the government quarantine and kill ONLY gay people?
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