Vester Pegg
Date of Birth
Jan 23, 1889
Birth Place:
Appleton City, MO

Worked With

Year Name Title
1952 Viveca Lindfors The Raiders
1952 Richard Conte The Raiders
1952 Dennis Weaver The Raiders
1952 William Reynolds The Raiders
1952 Seena Owen The Raiders
1952 Richard Martin The Raiders
1952 Riley Hill The Raiders
1952 Harry Carey, Jr. The Raiders
1952 Barbara Britton The Raiders
1952 Hugh O'Brian The Raiders
1952 John Farrell MacDonald The Raiders
1952 John Kellogg The Raiders
1941 Jack Kirk Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 George "Gabby" Hayes Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 Roy Barcroft Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 Roy Rogers Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 Hal Taliaferro Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 Trigger the Horse Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 Jack Rockwell Sheriff of Tombstone
1940 George "Gabby" Hayes Colorado
1940 Hal Taliaferro Colorado
1940 Milburn Stone Colorado
1940 Roy Rogers Colorado
1940 Fuzzy Knight My Little Chickadee
1940 Jackie Searl My Little Chickadee
1940 James C. Morton My Little Chickadee
1940 Donald Meek My Little Chickadee
1940 Dick Rush My Little Chickadee
1940 Bob McKenzie My Little Chickadee
1940 Si Jenks My Little Chickadee
1940 Ruth Donnelly My Little Chickadee
1940 John Kelly My Little Chickadee
1940 Joseph Calleia My Little Chickadee
1940 Mae West My Little Chickadee
1940 William Benedict My Little Chickadee
1940 Ben Hall My Little Chickadee
1940 Margaret Hamilton My Little Chickadee
1940 Dick Foran My Little Chickadee
1940 W.C. Fields My Little Chickadee
1940 Bob Steele Under Texas Skies
1940 Yakima Canutt Under Texas Skies
1940 Henry Brandon Under Texas Skies
1940 Jack Kirk Under Texas Skies
1940 Ted Mapes Under Texas Skies
1940 Robert Livingston Under Texas Skies
1940 Charles Starrett West of Abilene
1940 George Cleveland West of Abilene
1940 Bruce Bennett West of Abilene
1940 Don Beddoe West of Abilene
1940 The Sons of the Pioneers West of Abilene
1940 William Pawley West of Abilene
1940 Eddie Laughton West of Abilene
1939 Jack O'Shea Frontier Pony Express
1939 Roy Rogers Frontier Pony Express
1939 Carl Stockdale Frontier Pony Express
1939 Trigger the Horse Frontier Pony Express
1939 Raymond Hatton Frontier Pony Express
1939 Monte Blue Frontier Pony Express
1939 Bob McKenzie Frontier Pony Express
1939 Jack Kirk Frontier Pony Express
1939 George Montgomery Frontier Pony Express
1939 Charles King Frontier Pony Express
1939 Andy Devine Stagecoach
1939 Berton Churchill Stagecoach
1939 George Bancroft Stagecoach
1939 Franklin Farnum Stagecoach
1939 John Carradine Stagecoach
1939 William Hopper Stagecoach
1939 Bryant Washburn Stagecoach
1939 Ed Brady Stagecoach
1939 Tim Holt Stagecoach
1939 Cornelius Keefe Stagecoach
1939 Hank Worden Stagecoach
1939 Buddy Roosevelt Stagecoach
1939 Claire Trevor Stagecoach
1939 Yakima Canutt Stagecoach
1939 Tom Tyler Stagecoach
1939 Louis Mason Stagecoach
1939 Si Jenks Stagecoach
1939 Donald Meek Stagecoach
1939 Thomas Mitchell Stagecoach
1939 John Wayne Stagecoach
1937 Larry "Buster" Crabbe Forlorn River
1937 Lew Kelly Forlorn River
1937 Gordon Jones Forlorn River
1937 Purnell Pratt Forlorn River
1937 Ruth Warren Forlorn River
1937 Alan Ladd Hell Town
1937 John Wayne Hell Town
1937 Marsha Hunt Hell Town
1937 Johnny Mack Brown Hell Town
1937 Monte Blue Hell Town
1937 Lucien Littlefield Hell Town
1937 James Craig Hell Town
1937 Gene Reynolds Thunder Trail
1937 Monte Blue Thunder Trail
1937 Charles Bickford Thunder Trail
1937 J. Carrol Naish Thunder Trail
1937 Marsha Hunt Thunder Trail
1937 James Craig Thunder Trail
1937 Lee Shumway Thunder Trail
1937 Gilbert Roland Thunder Trail
1935 Ben Hall Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Raymond Hatton Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Berton Churchill Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 William Benedict Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Hobart Bosworth Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Stepin Fetchit Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Ferdinand Munier Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Eugene Pallette Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Charles B. Middleton Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Will Rogers Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Louis Mason Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Si Jenks Steamboat Round the Bend
1935 Anne Shirley Steamboat Round the Bend
1934 George H. Reed Judge Priest
1934 Anita Louise Judge Priest
1934 Louis Mason Judge Priest
1934 Robert Parrish Judge Priest
1934 Will Rogers Judge Priest
1934 Henry B. Walthall Judge Priest
1934 Hattie McDaniel Judge Priest
1934 Charles Grapewin Judge Priest
1934 Stepin Fetchit Judge Priest
1934 Frank Melton Judge Priest
1934 Berton Churchill Judge Priest
1934 Rochelle Hudson Judge Priest
1931 Edward J. Le Saint The Dawn Trail
1931 Charles King The Dawn Trail
1931 Buck Jones The Dawn Trail
1925 Jean Arthur Tearin' Loose
1923 Murdock MacQuarrie Canyon of the Fools
1923 Harry Carey Canyon of the Fools
1923 Harry Carey Crashin' Thru
1923 Virginia Vale Crashin' Thru
1923 Harry Carey Crashing Thru
1922 Harry Carey The Kick Back
1922 Henry B. Walthall The Kick Back
1921 Franklin Farnum Galloping Devil
1921 Franklin Farnum The Last Chance
1921 Claire Windsor The Raiders
1921 Franklin Farnum The Raiders
1921 Franklin Farnum The Struggle
1919 Harry Carey Ace of the Saddle
1919 Harry Carey Bare Fists
1919 Harry Carey The Outcasts of Poker Flat
1919 John Farrell MacDonald The Outcasts of Poker Flat
1919 Harry Carey Rider of the Law
1919 Seena Owen Riders of Vengeance
1919 Harry Carey Riders of Vengeance
1919 John Farrell MacDonald Riders of Vengeance
1918 Harry Carey Bucking Broadway
1918 Harry Carey Hell Bent
1918 Harry Carey The Phantom Riders
1918 Harry Carey Scarlet Drop
1918 Harry Carey Thieves' Gold
1918 Harry Carey Wild Women
1918 Harry Carey Woman's Fool
1917 Harry Carey The Almost Good Man
1917 Harry Carey Cheyenne's Pal
1917 Hoot Gibson Cheyenne's Pal
1917 Harry Carey Marked Man
1917 Hoot Gibson Marked Man
1917 Hoot Gibson Secret Man
1917 Harry Carey Secret Man
1917 Hoot Gibson Soul Herder
1917 Jean Hersholt Soul Herder
1917 Harry Carey Soul Herder
1917 Harry Carey Straight Shooting
1917 Hoot Gibson Straight Shooting
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