why not the best?

By eshelman10
Written May 28, 2016
Ranked this year above Citizen Kane, Vertigo is now rated the greatest film of all time. These rankings are always tenuous and arguable but there is no doubt to its greatness. A withering study of obsession and manipulation it also brings to mind what must have been Hitchcock's techniques in dealing with actors. Nothing said here that has not been said before but it was a special treat to see it in a new 70MM print.
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Awesome....but makes you dizzy

By ShakingSpine
Written July 06, 2007
It is a very old movie where people thought the special effects in the opening credits were a big hoot when they are very wussy now, but dont let that fool you. This film is absolutely wonderful. You'll even get dizzy watching it by how the man keeps hanging on or from very high places that make your legs feel weak!
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By firesun
Written May 30, 2016
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Hitchcock's masterpiece

By vitalogst
Written August 23, 2007
Vertigo starts simply, a detective has a terrible accident that causes a fear of heights. An old friend needs help guarding his wife who's been acting strangely. This simple set up allows a fantastic story to be told, with very strong performances by it's two leads, James Stewart, who as much as he's sweet and kind, can be quite domineering and aggresive, and Kim Novak. Hitchcock makes sure, except for one specific scene, that we know no more than our protagonist, the things he discovers, we discovers, the uncertainties he feels we feel. The movie is languid, paced, but for a purpose. Everything leads to a point, no line is wasted, no thought is superfluous. The DP does a great job of using San Franciso and outlying areas to a haunting effect creating atmosphere and mood. At times a little slow, and James Stewart is probably too old for the role, but all in all a fantastic movie.
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A Dizzying Masterpiece.

By Moviedude
Written August 24, 2007
I can see why this is regarded as Hitchcock's best achievement.Vertigo is just what the title says.It's a masterpiece that's very unusual,mysterious,and very enjoyable.There isn't anything bad about this movie.The acting is mesmerizing.James Stewart is as usual Oscar-level,but I thought Kim Novak stole the show.She is one of Hitchcock's coolest blondes.She is spellbinding as she plays two characters in here,Judy and Madeliene.I'm not going to give any plot material away,the movie's too great to not see.All I'll say is this is one mysterious movie that's very enjoyable,always interesting,never boring,superbly acted,and don't forget the music,which is spellbinding.Should definitely be seen by everyone,especially Hitchcock's many fans,if you haven't already seen it.
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