Are you a Marshmallow?

By jlhoover123
Written March 16, 2014
If you are a Veronica Mars fan from early 2000s, this is a MUST GO! All of the characters are back in some capacity. For those who did NOT watch the TV show, there is a good background that summarizes the entire three season run in about 5 minutes which is pretty much everything you need to know to enjoy the movie. However, there is little to no character development in the movie because they are relying on people watching to be previous fans. As a Marshmallow, I'm totally cool with that! If you weren't a fan of the show or were too young before it came out or whatever reason, this movie will make you want to watch the series. The movie is like an entire season smashed into an hour and 48 minutes without the individual episode cases that Veronica solved in the series. Overall, I would say this is a Must Go for Marshmallows (or people who enjoyed the show) and a Go for everyone else.
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A nice sequel to the TV show

Written March 17, 2014
Our daughter was a Kickstarter contributor, so we decided to see the movie. We had been fans of the TV show and were familiar with some of the characters and background. (It helped that we watched some of season 3 on the DVDs before seeing the film, but it is not necessary to have been a previous watcher to get caught up on the plot.) The dialogue is witty. There are some very funny moments (especially for folks who were familiar with the series). The film is well crafted and acted. It tied up some loose ends from the TV series and added some new ones which we hope will be the subject of a future film. We really enjoyed seeing it.
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She's back!

By esparks
Written March 18, 2014
Must go for fans of the show! I'm curious to see how people who have never seen the show like it -- whether all the cameos that made us super happy actually take away from the plot or whether, because it's a murder mystery introducing a lot of random characters is actually par for the course because it widens the pool of suspects. Either way, it was snappy and fun and dramatic and emotional and all the things that were great about the show. Go see it!
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Must Go for Fans of the Show/Go for everyone else

By sleepingtruck
Written March 14, 2014
Great continuation preserving the nuances of the show while elevating to a slightly grander scale for the big screen, but not quite epic. Lots of inside references for the fans of the original show. Tightly written story and the actors are great, easily 'becoming' their characters nine years down the road... If you're not familiar w/ the show, i think it would still be a pretty enjoyable and complete movie experience, though you'll be missing half of what the movie is intended to be.
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so good!

By edenatsea
Written March 22, 2014
The dialogue in this movie was so fun and snappy I think it would be a good time even for people who aren't familiar with the show.
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