Vampires Suck Synopsis
A teen is torn between two supernatural suitors in a spoof of 'Twilight' and other vampire films.
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Can't wait!

By Liz214
Alright,i'm a twilight fan. but this looks hilarious! i sooo want to see it! the trailers look great. i was laughing at all of them. haha. but me nd my friends r definately going...

Vvampires suck sucks

By heavenlyh3r0
Not very funny maybe for children under age of 14....

should be rated R

By lilmscc
so crude and unnecessarily vulgar and over the top that after about 20 min, my 19 year old daughter said mom can we please leave.... the theater gave us our money back.... all 4 of us, age 19, 36, 50...

Awesome Spoof! Definitely Must-See For Twi-hards!

By ArwenGamgee
Okay, first off, let me say, the people leaving reviews are total sticks in the mud! Who goes to a spoof movie expecting Oscar-worthy storytelling and acting? And who takes their young children to a...


By ShannonBee
I loved this movie. It was REALLY funny. :)...

Big mistake...HUGE

it is a dangerous thing to spoof a successful franchise without a great or at the very least,talented team behind you. This could have been a clever and successful venture for lovers and haters...

worst movie ever

By jimbojim
Has to be the worst movie of the decade...

Vampires Suck

By susnvyon
Very funny, good parody. The lead actress sure had Kristen Stewart down to a T. We laughed at the clever takeoff of each of the Twilight scenes and situations. I reccommend this to any Twilight...

Vampires Suck

By mtkmorris
This was the stupidest movie I have ever seen. If I thought they would I would have demanded a refund form the theater. It should have been rated R. It was just disgusting and was in no way...


By martinachildress
This is a hilarious spoof of the Twilight Saga movies but this movie is NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 17. There are many inappropriate sexual references and it really deserves an "R" rating. DO NOT TAKE...

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Rated PG-13 | For Crude sexual content, comic violence, language and teen partying
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Lowbrow, sex-and-violence-laden vampire spoof really bites.
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