Fans of the old Vampire mythology should see this movie.

By jesssm
Written February 11, 2014
What i loved most about this film is the return of the old mythology of vampires is back. The Vampires in this story is based off of Romanian mythology which has three races. The Strigoi (Evil, Undead Vampires) who enjoys killing and drinking the blood of the Moroi (Living, peaceful Vampires). Then the Dhampir comes in, the third race who are the offspring of Moroi and humans. The Dhampir have the strength of humans and Vampires and non of their weaknesses. The main character is a Dhampir and i liked the combination of the Buffy attitude meets Blade character backstory. The acting, the dialogue, the screenplay was perfect but it was the score, choppy editing and rush of the start of the film that i didn't like. If the movies was a bit longer even for just 10 mins i think it would helped slow the pace in the beginning. However once you pass the fast paced part its a wonderful book to film adaptation. Every key moment that was in the books was there.
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they suck at school... but they're GREAT at everything else!

By ldyptzr
Written February 11, 2014
way better than i thought it was going to be, poor trailers... MUCH better watching the whole thing. VERY close to the books and story line. the overall acting is very close to what i pictured in the books. the actual faces... not so much. this was definitely a guilty pleasure even for those who haven't read the books. a little bit of everything. Action, adventure, paranormal, comedy, romance, mystery, drama... quite fulfilling if you ask me
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Better Than I expected...

By chazzroyalt
Written February 11, 2014
My 13 year old daughter wanted to see it for her birthday, even though my thought was that it was just another ripoff of Twilight, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I acquiesce to her wishes and go. Surprisingly, the story was something to pay attention to from the very start. Now I cant wait to see the next movie and get this one on DVD. BTW, if you have daughters into these actors and musicians, be forewarned of a new actor, in this film, may get your daughters mouths dropping. He's the lead male actor in this movie, Danila Kozlovsky, he portrays Dimitri Belikov, the vampire in charge of security, in a sense. He's Russian born, and in this movie long-ish hair. Between the hair, muscles and accent, my daughter, was swooning, for lack of a better term, over this guy. BE AWARE, fellow fathers.
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By harrypottertwilightf
Written February 09, 2014
If you are expecting it to be 100% like the book then you will be upset. But It is very close to the book and I think it is over all a really great movie. It all was done really well. The actors are perfect choices are really brought this movie to life. If you are a true fan of the series you will enjoy it , you really can get into this movie and if you go with some of your best friends that makes it all the better. It is truly a movie worth seeing over and over. I loved how the friendship between Rose and Lissa was portrayed and I loved they way the did the scenes with the bond. It is a great start to a wonderful series and It is a much better story then twilight. So tell everyone you know about this movie and go see it. It hits all the emotions and it really feels like a high school setting but adds a funny twist. I highly recommend this movie! It is very much worth it so grab someone close to you and go and see it! you wont be sorry you did! So glad that this movie is finally out
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My friend said: ''I WANT MORE.''

By JulesGrace
Written February 08, 2014
I'm going to share a story, especially after I had the joy and honor of reading some critics made by ignorant and extremely rude people. I'm italian, the movie will be out next week here, but one of my friends that lives in the USA saw it because I told her that I was sure she was going to enjoy it. She has never read the books, so she had NO IDEA about what she was going to watch. ”I’m happy to have met Rose and I’m happy to have discovered this new world. But I want more now'', that's one of the many positive words she said about Vampire Academy. SHE DID NOT READ THE BOOKS BUT NOW SHE’S A FAN BECAUSE OF THE MOVIE. Now I don't care if the critics weren't invited to the 1st screening and that's for sure the reason why they are spending so many rude and inappropriate comments, but PEOPLE ARE LOVING IT. It deserves a sequel and especially it deserves to be judged without any prejudices. WE ALL WANT MORE. Respect is the key, no matter what your job is, if you cant show it you dont matter.
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