By Uncpanda
Written February 08, 2014
This movie was not made for critics, it was made for fans, as far as books to movies go this one pretty much hit the mark. Go see it! Listen to the fans not the stuffy critics who've probably never read the books.
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My friend said: ''I WANT MORE.''

By JulesGrace
Written February 08, 2014
I'm going to share a story, especially after I had the joy and honor of reading some critics made by ignorant and extremely rude people. I'm italian, the movie will be out next week here, but one of my friends that lives in the USA saw it because I told her that I was sure she was going to enjoy it. She has never read the books, so she had NO IDEA about what she was going to watch. ”I’m happy to have met Rose and I’m happy to have discovered this new world. But I want more now'', that's one of the many positive words she said about Vampire Academy. SHE DID NOT READ THE BOOKS BUT NOW SHE’S A FAN BECAUSE OF THE MOVIE. Now I don't care if the critics weren't invited to the 1st screening and that's for sure the reason why they are spending so many rude and inappropriate comments, but PEOPLE ARE LOVING IT. It deserves a sequel and especially it deserves to be judged without any prejudices. WE ALL WANT MORE. Respect is the key, no matter what your job is, if you cant show it you dont matter.
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Vampire Academy Review

By annaellensmith
Written February 08, 2014
I am not going to write out all the fine points of this movie in this review. I am just going to say that the movie is a great adaptation of the book that does not take itself too seriously. You should go this morning and support the film. I would love to see Frostbite. So GO!
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They don't make good vampire movies anymore

By ctownaqib
Written February 09, 2014
This was a cross between 2 Broke Girls and Twilight. Its $9 and and an hour and 45 minutes of my life I won't get back
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Bloody lifeless

By Bearheart58
Written February 09, 2014
First movie I have walked out of in 15 years. The writers never could decide whether they were writing a dark comedy, something frightening, or just unabashedly unoriginal. Everyone involved should be embarrassed...it lacked creativity, the sets were all borrowed from past movies I think, and the actors were as bad as the lines they had been given to speak. Comedic timing was off and the fight scenes were painfully unexciting. It's a B movie with D actors, working from an F script. The director gets an F for taking money over prestige. The kids will be frightened that their parents took them to see such crp.
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