Book to Movie WIN

By CarolineAnne
Written February 07, 2014
Usually when a book is translated to a movie the team takes creative liberties with the story. That is NOT the case with Vampire Academy. The film follows the book closely, changing and rearranging minor details here and there. The different and unique vampire breeds are all introduced early on in a fun and creative way. The trailers emphasize the humor in the film, and humorous it is. Rose is known for her witty sarcasm. But the action scenes are awesome as well. My favorite thing about the movie was the way they portrayed Rose when she would get sucked into Lissa's head thanks to their spirit bond. It was very cool and effective. The cast were amazing, hitting the nail on the head with each performance. Rose was the perfect combo of funny and tough, Lissa was oh so regal, Natalie was hilariously nerdy, Mia was a big bully but the actress brought real emotion to the role. Dimitri and Christian were great as well. This is a MUST see!
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By spattz
Written February 06, 2014
I saw the movie yesterday at an advanced screening at Regal Cinemas and it was 100000x times better than i ever imagined it would be! VAMPIRE ACADEMY IS NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT! It's HELLA FUNNY (Director of mean girls and writer of heathers DUHH) it has LOT'S OF ACTION, ROMANCE and so many more elements! It's sexy, it's brilliant, it's clever! MUST GO SEE IT!
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Enjoyed it!

By jessicakg08
Written February 07, 2014
I saw an early screening! It's pretty true to the book and I enjoyed the humor throughout the movie. It is definitely a must see for fans of the series and for those looking for a feel good, funny/romantic movie. I will be seeing this again and would recommend this to friends. Love all the actors. Zoey is such a kick@ss and Danila is such a hottie! A sequel is a must!! :D
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It's Not Actually Cool to Hate Vampires or Vampire Academy

By astarllama
Written February 08, 2014
So, we all know that the new cool is to be a Twilight basher and to adamantly declare how sick of vampires we all are. Even the critics forgot that vampires are immortal. They will always be a part of our entertainment culture. We love the dark mystery of the vampire, the blood, the gore, the enticing allure. We love the power, the horror, the intrigue of the being whose problems result from having lived too long. We want vampire stories whether we forgot about that or not. Oh, look, here's one! But people simultaneously want it to be exactly like the old vampire horror movies and think it's exactly like Twilight. Guess what? It's neither. This is Vampire Academy. Intricate yet understandable mythology. Real vampires, the kind of nightmares. The movie was fantastically entertaining with a perfect blend of action, drama, and humor. It focused appropriately on Rose and Lissa, their bond, Spirit, and the mystery of who was after Lissa. Romance was low-key as it should be. Loved it!
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Decent action, confusing plot

By wild1180720
Written February 08, 2014
I'm not a reader of the books, but the trailers made this look vaguely interesting. I should have realized I would be the only adult male (nearly only male!) in the theater. Awkward! The plot jumps around and seems arbitrary, the romance goes from "well, duh!" to "uhhh... I don't think so." Just not believable (ignoring the whole vampire/magic theme). I guess if you are a fan of the books it all comes together, you understand more of what is going on under the surface already, and you like the books being on screen. Overall... no, didn't like it, but a vaguely decent escape from reality.
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