VALKYRIE - well-executed!!! Grade: Solid B

Written December 06, 2008
Dec. 4 2008 - This evening I attended the advance press preview of this 2-hour suspenseful chair-gripping war movie by director Bryan Singer. Based on a true story, VALKYRIE chronicled the last of 15 assassination attempts by Germans to assassinate A. Hitler. Spear-headed by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg(Tom Cruise), this doomed coup showed the world that not all Germans were Hitler's mindless minions/nazis. It certainly changed my perception of Germans during WW2 - not all Germans approved of Hitler's insane ambition, concentration camps and genocide. But this movie is really about the heroic colonel and his sacrifice. Above-average editing - screenwriting - directing - cinematography plus an excellent cast helped rescue this movie from becoming another long drawn-out WW2 drama. I especially enjoyed the attention to details - uniforms, furnishings, hair-styles, etc. This is a enjoyable period piece. VERDICT: Recommended. Not suitable for kids.
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Good film, lots of suspense, different view of WWII

By elibutton
Written December 16, 2008
I thought it was a well put together movie, and opens up a whole new storyline as to what was going on behind the scenes during WWII. You never hear much about these plots or the politics involved other than the typical battles, so this was enlightening to watch - especially since it's a true story. There were supposedly 15 attempts made on Hilter's life and this was one of the last ones before Germany ended up losing the war (don't cry, they deserved to lose). Even though we know the outcome (that the assassination failed) Cruise did a great job in building a story and maintaining the suspense and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Some parts were slow, but they did not last long as they were a prelude to the final event. It was great seeing the power plays that went on while the operation was in action, and you only wondered if they were successful at this attempt how it would have changed things in the war. Valkyrie is a definite GO in my book.
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By thegoogee
Written December 23, 2008
After seeing the horrible The Day The Earth Stood Still this movie was a pleasant surprise. Very well made. Great sound and very good acting. Don't listen to the critics as usual they don't know (*&*^*^
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Powerful movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Written December 10, 2008
Saw sneak preview tonight, had low expectations going in but found movie was well worth seeing. The first half of the movie was fairly slow as characters were introduced, motivations explored, yadda yadda yadda. Then the operation took hold and the second half of the picture seemed to move with blazing speed, energy and drama. Tom Cruise dominates the movie and mostly holds his own against a great supporting cast. The attention to detail seemed superb. As in other movies like Titanic, Pearl Harbor, The Alamo, etc., the fact that you already know how the movie will end (and end badly for certain major characters) can be a major distraction, but the movie can still be successful. In this case, the movie ends powerfully and is a sober reminder that freedom is not free and the righteous must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
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Valkyrie's Hidden Agenda

By caioneach
Written December 23, 2008
Everyone knows Cruise is the Golden Boy and star puppet for the wacky sci-cult, Scientology. Most don't know that Scientology has been deemed a dangerous cult in many countries, including Germany. Germany doesn't want Scientology in their country. But what could happen if you could PR your way into changing the popular opinion of their Golden Boy, by associating his face with one of Germany's revered heroes? It's a pretty elementary and considerably obvious tactic here. Out of principle alone, I'll be staying away from this movie. I see no cause to support Cruise's efforts to portray a hero whose goal was to take down a dangerous organization, when the film itself is being backed by a dangerous organization with a loaded agenda behind this movie.
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