Valkyrie Synopsis
Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg must seize control of his nation's government and kill Hitler.
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VALKYRIE - well-executed!!! Grade: Solid B

Dec. 4 2008 - This evening I attended the advance press preview of this 2-hour suspenseful chair-gripping war movie by director Bryan Singer. Based on a true story, VALKYRIE chronicled the last of...

Good film, lots of suspense, different view of WWII

By elibutton
I thought it was a well put together movie, and opens up a whole new storyline as to what was going on behind the scenes during WWII. You never hear much about these plots or the politics involved...


By thegoogee
After seeing the horrible The Day The Earth Stood Still this movie was a pleasant surprise. Very well made. Great sound and very good acting. Don't listen to the critics as usual they don't know...

Powerful movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Saw sneak preview tonight, had low expectations going in but found movie was well worth seeing. The first half of the movie was fairly slow as characters were introduced, motivations explored, yadda...

Valkyrie's Hidden Agenda

By caioneach
Everyone knows Cruise is the Golden Boy and star puppet for the wacky sci-cult, Scientology. Most don't know that Scientology has been deemed a dangerous cult in many countries, including Germany. ...


By rock Tumtum
If your germen after all these years and still proudly claim it this is one movie why there are still hearts even in the midst of battle....

einen Film müssen Sie sehen

By Cookin Fool
translation: a movie you must see Even knowing the outcome (based on historical facts) you sit there in anticipation hoping the outcome is different. The movie was fast paced and engaging. Very...

Something you didn't know about the Germans

By MovinByLight07
We've all seen the bad side of Germany in WW2, but there is no land that is entirely evil. And in this movie you really get to see the sacrifice that good Germans went through to do what was right...

"VALKYRIE” – It’s important to try to LEARN from history =

By jimchudnow
I was quite bothered to hear certain reviewers put down this film about an assassination attempt on Hitler saying, there was no “point” to making it since “we know how it turned OUT”. In that case,...

Don't Rate the movie if you haven't watched it

By hsth4
I watched the movie, and I enjoyed it. You will like what you watch, that is, if you arent already biased against it. I cant stand when people say, I hate Tom Cruise, and I hated the movie. Or I...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence and brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Tense, violent WWII thriller offers lots to talk about.
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