What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this movie takes place during WWII and a lot of time is spent focusing on possible death in battle -- some of it put in upsetting terms, such as characters being told that their "innards will be spread like jam on toast" when they are killed. Some parents might not be comfortable with the movie's focus on war. The falcons may frighten small children. One character appears to die, and characters are in peril for most of the movie. There are explosions and gunfire during battle, lots of fighting, birds being held hostage in cages, and bones of dead birds shown. We also see dead birds that have been stuffed. A bird is injected with truth serum. There is some toilet humor involving burping and passing gas. Since this is a British production voiced by British actors, kids may have a hard time understanding all of the dialogue. They will also probably miss most of the references to WWII.
  • Families can talk about WWII since the reasons for the war are never explained and the movie assumes some knowledge of the events -- many of the jokes revolve around references to the war. Parents with younger kids can focus on the message that "it's not the size of the wingspan that counts, but the size of the spirit". They could also point out to kids that the film was inspired by the fact that pigeons saved thousands of lives during the war, and that 31 of the 53 top honors given to animal heroes went to pigeons.
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