Valentine's Day Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written January 12, 2012
42 out of 100 Some laughs but a total waste of a star-stunning all-star cast.
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haven't seen it yet

By hannahlovesmovies
Written December 22, 2009
But it looks amazing. WIth all of these funny actors it is sure to be a great movie.
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Five Word Review

By relaag
Written February 21, 2010
Romantic Entertaining Delightful Outstanding Cast
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Go see

By maford
Written February 12, 2010
I went Tuesday night to a local movie premier of this film. This is a light-hearted, funny movie that makes you laugh. No deep thoughts here, but the characters keep you engaged. Even my guy, who is a die-hard action fan, laughed at the movie and liked it. A great Valentines Day date movie!
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Cute flick

By Ravzie
Written February 21, 2010
Why the terrible buzz? So it's not an Oscar contender, it's not supposed to be. This is a cute, romantic romp. Sure, I could see some "plot twists" coming for miles, but so what? I didn't want to see ghosts, murders, car crashes or giant blue people. I went to a light, feel-good movie with an actual script & clever plot, amusing characters and dialog about human interaction. It delivered. The movie gives you a look at the love stories of people of all ages from many directions. I liked seeing the numerous stories woven together, how everyone impacted on everyone else. Some stories were more dominant, some barely existed. I wanted to see more of some stories than others, more of some actors than others. But it fits together nicely. If you only like computer generated stuff blowing up, monsters flying thru the air & marauding knife wielders, you will find this movie boring. If you like to smile, giggle & be happy, give this movie a chance and make up your own mind.
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