Vacation Synopsis
Rusty Griswold and his family embark on a road trip to America's favorite fun park, Walley World.
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By tsh913323
This movie was so much better than I was expecting. I laughed from the minute it started until the credits rolled. Lots of cursing and "interesting" situations, but what else would you expect from...


By knowlesins
The second worst movie I can remember sitting thru this year......

Vacation is Hilarious...

By monalisanyc
I usually don't do reviews and honestly had my doubts about a Vacation reboot... but glad my doubts were unfounded because I needed some laughs and Vacation delivered. Great cast, from minor roles...


By acel1313646
This movie has a great plot and is very funny. The story line is great and makes you love the Grizwolds again. Must see in theaters. LOVED IT! The acting was very good and the story was fun. The...

By melokitty21
very nice movie super funny!!! love it....


By dmituto
This movie was a total flop!! Do not see it. Complete waste of time. It is not very funny and rather dumb....

Not a family movie like the original

By Whocarez
Didn't realize it was R rated when me and my family went in. 2 boys 3 and 5 years old. Didn't take long before the first F-Bomb was dropped. Then again and again. Had to walk out. Wish it was family...

When they say rated "R" it's correct

By gwhite2113
I wouldn't take any kids 12 and below. Too much bad language and nudity. The humor is good but every other word is F***...

How stulid do you think we all are!?

By snowblind3000
What with all the fake ***reviews on here written like some goodie two shoes fools!? "This movie was great, funny from start to end, must see, can't be missed!" Are u all ******* retarded!! This...


By Frank1104
Wow! Apparently all of the creative writers from the original Vacation movies have either retired or moved on to better things. This is full of horrible language and less than sophomoric humor. DON'T...

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Rated R | For Crude and Sexual Content, Brief Graphic Nudity and Language Throughout
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Occasionally funny but mostly crude, rude, and forgettable.
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