Vacancy Synopsis
Stranded in a motel, a couple become the unsuspecting subjects of a snuff film.
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Me and my boyfriend went to the movies last night to see Wild Hogs and the preview for this movie came on, I cant wait for it to come out. It looks like a must see! The acting looks phenomenal and...

Waste of time....

By ambrosia
I went to screening last night...OMG the only thing that made my jump were the people in the theater screeming......the more you expect something the happen, the less likely it is to happen......we...

Scary movie, but horrible ending

By Pooja
I was frightened during the movie, it was really scary at times and violent and had me jumping, and it takes a lot to scare me. Just when I thought it would be predictable it was not, but then came...


By musicfreak
This is more than likely the worst horror movie I have ever seen. It was incredibly boring, and there was no element of horror in it. It didn't manage to scare me at all. And there was virtually no...

Went to see a screening tonite and glad I got to see it free

By AmerycanPye


By scooterdeal
I am inclined to agree with Ambrosia. The lack of an end game lends this movie to be a waste. 1:20. It's not long enough to tell a complete story. Lacks fulfillment. The trailer IS the movie.The best...

Suspend dis-beliefe

By Mad-about the-movies
When my teenage niece drug me to this movie, I was quite prepared to hate it. I figured it would be a snoozer or way to gory. It was neither. I was pleasantly surprised and even jumped a few times...

good movie

By groovynezzhaha
i went to this movie to just kill some time but as it turned out it was actually really good. it was scary, suspensful, and quite good. it even had a good ending which is hard to find in todays...


By dgaddy
Not bad if you go, I don't usually go for the horror type, but it held my intrest....

Five Word Review

By misscb
Sick Killers Making Twisted Films...

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Rated R | For brutal violence and terror, brief nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Taut, grisly horror movie has unexpected bite.
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