The New York Times

Maybe there will be an oversaturation of ''Scream''-inspired horror films someday soon, but this one feels fresh.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
A premise so rock-solid, so guaranteed to please, that it almost doesn't matter that the movie is otherwise a routine slasher, and not a particularly scary one.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Liam Lacey
Like Frankenstein's monster before the lightning strikes, it's all recycled cold flesh and bolts, without a twitch of originality.
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TV Guide

By Maitland McDonagh
Fun if you like this kind of thing and don't expect too much of it.
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By James Berardinelli
With each death, the film becomes less interesting. By the end, it's just a routine slasher flick with a too-predictable final "twist."
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
The film is competently made, and the attractive cast emotes and screams energetically.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Ty Burr
Proficiently filmed and utterly uninspired.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
Spottily directed and lacking the dubious merits of even the Friday the 13th franchise, this is one slasher film that should die a quick and lonely box-office death.
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San Francisco Examiner

By G. Allen Johnson
It's simply terrible.
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Director Blanks delivers a wholly pedestrian feature debut in this by-numbers teen horror flick that could give you the impression Scream never really happened.
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35 out of 100
Generally unfavorable reviews
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