Sneak Preview was great!

By yuk03
Written April 10, 2009
Although the previews didn't really excite me much, I figured it would be good being an animated Disney movie. I went to see the sneak preview of Up yesterday and it was just as great as I expected. Although there were some sad moments that made me cry, it was a great movie that made me laugh and smile - the reasons I love these types of movies.
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Not so UP, it's okay

By PrinceAndTheRevolution
Written May 16, 2009
I saw a special advance screening of "UP" this week and was disappointed. At times, it's whimisical, adventurous and funny, but lacks the emotional pull of the other Disney/Pixar films. It's also somewhat violent (albeit mildly), when the story takes an unusual twist with an unexpected villian who's hunting down a long-lost bird. The dog servants are funny, but also a little creepy. I don't understand why every Disney/Pixar movie is required to have a villian? This buddy film would have been better off just focusing on the wacky adventures of the two main characters and the lessons they learn about friendship, life and letting go. I know I may be in the minority, but I'm also tired of Disney/Pixar's human characters being so exaggerated in their features (huge heads, small legs/feet, and too big facial features). I understand it's a cartoon, but it's difficult to have empathy for characters whose looks are often so distracting - just tone it down a bit.
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I'll gladly pay to see it again

By manwithvalues
Written June 11, 2009
From the storyline to the animation, Up connects on all the levels (emotion, visual, hope, ...). It's been a long time since I walked out of a movie and told my kids that I'd gladly pay to see it again...this week.
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Take your kids, parents and grandparents!!!

By JuliBee
Written July 17, 2009
You have to see this in 3D! You'll be amazed at the scenery over the Tapui! I love that the animators at Pixar are growing up. It's for our parents, who are growing older and losing their soulmates. It's for our kids, who see their working moms and dads- as squeezing quality time with them in the life/work balance struggle. It's the unconditional love of our pets- who in spite of everything will stick with you in thick and thin. I am constantly surprised at how Pixar can evoke such strong emotions and the how the art of animation has no limits or boundaries. One question remains tho....why no short at the beginning? Was it the tease of Toy Story 3 in 3D digital???
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Was a good appeitzer, sadly not a meal.......

By secretagent34
Written June 21, 2009
I love original Disney movies!! However, Pixar/Disney have not made a great movie since Finding Nemo. Great is when you get to watch it over and over agan and again. After many 'so-so' movies that coming from these filmmakers that you are happy to watch just once, I thought, this time would be the time Disney will put its heart into a movie again and take us away on an adventure. Sadly, after watching Up (in 3-d) i was a little disappointed. The movie fell into the role of Good/Evil and the adventure was nonexistent. The beginning was cute, but the pacing was reminiscent of the beginning of Robots (which i found annoying), and could have been done without (or made into a online video). There was no real story, I felt dragged from scene to scene. Having followed this movie closely, I was realized you can watch the movie without really watching it (see trailers/clips). I think Disney should let its writers write and the suits would shut up so the studio can work its magic again.
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