UP IN THE AIR. SOARS - DEFIES GRAVITY! GRADE: A. (Based on advance VIP press preview with Jason Reitman presenting/introducing the movie - Wed. Nov. 11th.)

Written November 12, 2009
Up in the Air - adapted for the screen from Walter Kim's novel of the same name by director Jason Reitman(Thank You for Smoking, JUNO) who also screen-wrote the script with Sheldon Turner has a unique opening sequence of aerial views of the earth/ground that was also used sporadically in the movie as a continuity device - a good example of beautiful cinematography. George Clooney and Vera Farmiga(wonderful on-screen chemistry) were supported by a talented cast that comprise Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman, Danny McBride, Amy Morton, Melanie Lynskey, etc. In the 'documentary' segments of the movie, this technically excellent well-directed 109-min movie also featured real-life people who have recently lost their jobs. George Clooney played the role of a 'termination engineer' whose personal goal was to reach 10 million frequent-flyer miles. He may amass a lot of f-f miles but he has zero personal life - until he met Alex (Vera Farmiga). Overall, a excellent movie.
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Up in the Air

By marylovesmovies
Written January 01, 2010
Further proof the critics don't know what they are talking about. This movie was not a 4 start movie. It is depressing and mind numbing, I almost walked out.
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depressing and stupid

By jenn998
Written January 01, 2010
Stay away from this movie....it's about a person whose job is to go around from town to town firing people and the aspects of that specific position, the isolated mess this society is in, and a whole bunch of other things that are far from entertaining but more nauseating and depressing. I wanted to walk out halfway but stayed and did end up walking out and could care less abotu the ending. Some people may like this movie it was entertaining in it's own right and different, but if you want an uplifting, feel good movie this is not it. I felt depressed/upset and still am. It also is not very funny and I don't understand any kind of raving about it because it jsut wasn't very good. Clooney's acting was good and the acting overall was pretty good the only real plus in the film...
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By keatsgirl
Written March 01, 2010
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Up in the Air

By lsr1214
Written January 01, 2010
This movie was a sad commentary on today's society - an uncaring, self-centered population. George Clooney was his usual good looking self, but so self absorbed and detached. The young woman he was mentoring was a typical college grad of this time, knows everything in books, nothing about real life. I don't want to leave the movie in a pall of depression a kin to death. I prefer movies that are realistic, redeeming, and show the positive side of the human condition. I would not recommend this film to anyone during the holidays too many folks have already lost their jobs and the economy is tanked - you don't need a movie to remind you about how bad things really are. And who could live with themselves if they had to fly around firing folks - you would have to be an empty shell of a person, which George portrays in this movie. George does a good job of portraying the character, but he is not anyone I would like to be associated with - go see something uplifting & entertaining
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