Unsullied Synopsis
When car trouble strands track star Reagan Farrow in the Florida boondocks, she accepts an offer of help from a pair of charming strangers only to find herself trapped in a brutal backwoods nightmare.
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By toogooden
Heart pumping action kept us on the edge of our seats. .....

How did this movie make it to the theatrea? I could barely not walk out of the theatre.

By artjenkins12

Horrible acting bad movie

By Macoguerra

Really bad

By muhkus
I decided to watch this movie cause the trailer got good story line. But the movie was so bad. The actors are pretty bad as well. Lots of things don't make sense in this movie....


By Anyakai2
Fun fast action. Amazing performance by lead girl, Murray Gray!...

By kairetz34
the worst movie I have ever seen in my life...

Unsullied: Gritty But With Heart

By djmikell
I had the pleasure to attend a Movie Premier for the new movie UNSULLIED. A thriller about a true story. The best words to describe the movie is 'Gritty" I said to the lead actress Murray Gray, and...

Edge of your seat thriller without the gore or nudity!

By thinze2
This movie kept us on the edge of our seat from the beginning. It did not disappoint. When the movie was over the crowd stayed in their seats. Murray Gray will be the next big deal, trust me. LOVED...


By julieds39
I never walk out of a movie that I paid good money to see. I walked out of this one....

Worst movie ive ever seen

By Publicmale
The acting was absolutely terrible. In every regard. Bursts of laughter from people at the horrible delivery of lines filled the theater, which slowly emptied out to only 3 people by the end. I and...

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For Violence including a rape, language, and brief drug use