By karenforyou
Written July 23, 2016
I was unexpectedly disappointed with this movie. I like Kirk Cameron very much, so wanted to like it...but alas, it was not to be. None of the women in my group felt it met their expectations. Entirely too much time was spent on the scenes of Adam being made out of the earth, the Cain killing Abel account was much too lengthy and graphic, and there were no loose ends tied together between the intial salvation history narrative and the account of Kirk's friend whose 15 year old son died of cancer. I know the problem of good and evil is larger and longer than time itself, but I did think Kirk would at least share his own conclusions, or at least some insights into what he had learned about the role of suffering in our lives. Even the technical aspects were left wanting: numerous times I could see where the editing was done during Kirk's initial words, which surprised me, in that it wasn't a smooth transition. It was puzzling that the introduction to the film was longer than the film!
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By denisemarshaz
Written October 04, 2013
You need to have great, fantastic, poor...etc... Have no idea how to rate with the words you have above. I put GO as a POSITIVE.. I hope it was meant that way.
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Far beyond Expectations!

By lesstm
Written October 05, 2013
Tried to click"Must Go" but but it selected "Go" for me!! Well this is a MUST GO movie, and I only hope for many more showings to be able to send people to. I think it was beautifully and expertly presented, showing both the shared joy and the shared suffering we all must go through as believer's, as intrinsic parts of the Gospel. It made a point in every direction, to our heart of gladness, to the pain of rejection by the world of God"s true intention of perfect love. I applaud you Mr. Cameron and pray for this to become a great move of God beyond a great movie. I do recommend it for all ages. Amen. Let it be so.
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By cmajanj
Written October 06, 2013
A very "different" type of movie. The story was very thought provoking! A lot of time was spent in re-thinking how to present a new and different view of creation, Biblical truth, life and death and the way we should respond to it. We truly enjoyed it and would love to see it again. It's a MUST GO!
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Disappointed :-(

By skyfrog736
Written September 25, 2013
based on what Cameron said about the movie during an interview , we were expecting much more? This felt more like a documentary on Cameron's views and interpretation of God. In his interviews he mentioned addressing the question of "WHY" and not only going back as far as biblical events but also the why's of 911 and school shootings etc...??? Aside from mentioning them once he never dove deeper into it expect for leaving us with his words on why HE feels he knows why? My husband an I just love Cameron and the movies he chooses to play in but this movie did not live up to the build up. I would recommend it to families who want to introduce their kids to God but not to road weary adults who already know God and his story but have been struggling with their faith due to horrible loss and tragedy? It just lacked. I wish I could have a better review....
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