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Great experience!

By musicluva2488
Written September 26, 2014
This movie has a very powerful message that I think is important for everyone to hear. Kirk really has a way with words & explains the Bible in a way I've never heard before but in a way that was simple to understand. I can't wait until this movie comes out on DVD.
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By jennifer736
Written November 30, 2014
Fabulous! A very uplifting and life confirming film. My teenagers enjoyed it too and that is worth every minute. I am very thankful for Kirk Cameron and his courage to produce a movie sharing the truth. Loved it.
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Not what I expected

By flamespotter
Written October 30, 2014
I felt more like I was at a sermon than a movie. I really thought this was going to be a movie about a persons life that lost the battle with cancer and how their faith in Christ helped them through the issues. They also posed the question "Why do bad things happen to good people." I do not feel they gave any type of adequate response, and this question / statement was mentioned numerous times.
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Best movie yet from Kirk!!

By shdrjones
Written October 11, 2014
The story Kirk wove of his own faith journey was both moving and inspirational. He showed that ordinary people who are touched by God through the tragedy and everyday living become heroes. It matters not how deep the pit may be, God's love is deeper still.
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Kirk pretends to answer the problem of evil... and fails

By jwissick747
Written November 04, 2014
In Unstoppable, Cameron tries to answer Epicurus's Problem of Evil: "Is god willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then is he malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him god?" Or more simply, why does god allow bad things to happen to good people? Why does he not heal cancer patients, amputees, and the like. KIrk then walk you through the Genesis story with a white Adam who has a mud fetish, and a white eve being deceived by a serpent that looks strangely like a human. the story of Cain and Abel where god does nothing to protect the good son and then bends over backwards to protect the evil son. Then we are off to the fictional Noah's Ark where backhandedly acknowledges that the story is patently absurd. So, the answer to why bad things happen? To glorify god. Of course that is exactly what a person would expect to see in a universe with no god.
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