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Not a good movie for the weak of faith

By mjkc00
Written September 25, 2013
OK story, but too much time spent showing how bad and mean God is. I understand it may have been necessary to prove a point and set the stage for the movie, but if anyone was weak in faith, I think they would have completely fallen away from God (wow, God is worse than I thought). Unless your faith is strong (luckily mine is), the movie didn't really help explain how people are actually strengthened by the bad things happening in their life. The examples were a stretch. The actual live broadcast appeared to be more of an ad for the university. It had a couple of good songs and a couple of good examples of bad things that happened to good people, but still hard to walk away feeling good or strengthened. It may have been better for the live broadcast to have continued for additional discussion after the movie. The movie just ended, credits rolled and once finished, thank you came up and lights back on. Ending at the university may have helped.
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It was ok...

By roxannevidaurre
Written September 25, 2013
This movie was ok. I expected Kirk to include interviews/more stories shared from other people, to reach a conclusion with a final answer to the question. But he didn't. The whole film was based on his assessment alone. I feel he dragged for too long on the single subject of creation. It was too vague for me; i was expecting more solid points/conclusions. The intent for the message is good... I just dont feel the execution kept up. Im still happy i went to support this and all christian films.
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By cathpax
Written September 25, 2013
There isn't much "acting" in this film as that is not its message. Kirk does an excellent job of taking some of the most salient stories in the Bible and quickly re-creating them in order to back up his comments with visuals. This film is about real life. The message is for all people, and Kirk is to be commended for even making this film. Perhaps the funniest part is when Kirk brings his ideas for his film to the mainstream producers, etc. If you have questions about why you are here, why things happen the way they do and/or are just searching for answers, try this film!
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By igsnyder
Written October 04, 2013
The message was right on. Perhaps many people never understood all of the Biblical pieces and put them together just like that. It was a powerful message of God, sin and our human natures. However, it was a bit "too creative" for my taste. Too much water, too much looking out over the ocean, too artsy. Would be more enjoyed by the under 35 crowd.
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Absoultely Powerful!

By wonderbaby
Written September 25, 2013
This is such a powerful movie with a profound impact. Kirk Cameron takes the audience through the journey of helping to answer "Where was God...". Trying to explain how amazing this movie was is truly like the example Kirk gave in the movie, it's like trying to pour the entire ocean into a cup. If your life has ever been stopped by the question "Why did God allow this to happen?", gift yourself with watching this movie.
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