By peggyprays
Written October 09, 2015
We seldom go to movies any more as there is nothing to learn but violence, racism, sex, filthy language, etc. This was a bright star in movie making. Make more. We left with learning something and feeling good. That doesn't happen with movies these days.
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New Perspective on an Old Question

By robertbrown556
Written December 01, 2015
Kirk Cameron has given people something to think about. The question, "Where is God when bad things happen?" has been around a long time. This new look (perspective) may help people see things from a different angle. I believe it is the right angle from which we need to view the tough things in our lives. No, it doesn't make things change or go away, nor does it give a pat answer to "why", but it does provide a framework for delivering peace. Take a look - open you mind and heart. This may be the pathway to escape a culture of death and enter a culture of life. Think about!
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It was good

By patrigsby
Written February 09, 2016
We didn't really know what to expect from this movie - for the most part, it was good - very sound & solid biblical teaching. It seemed a bit too long & too slow in many places with all the flashy videos & very loud music. Feel sure it will appeal to the younger & college-age groups. We love Kirk Cameron & will continue to support his efforts. Our country needs more movies like this that allow theology as the focus. We are so thankful that he is willing to take on a project like this & boldly put himself out there. People will listen to this man! It is easy to see that he truly believes what he is teaching & wants the world to know. There certainly is an audience for this type of movie & hopefully may reach those who do not know or understand the truths of the gospel. Thank you!
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By srr
Written February 09, 2016
Personally the sound in the theatre was a bit loud. My husband thought it was just fine. We were the first to arrive so we were able to sit where we wanted. The theatre was full and sold out. Didn't expect the introduction at Liberty University but interesting content. Would have liked to listen to a Q&A session after the movie with some of the students discussing the movie and its content. The movie answered some questions but gave more to think about also. Some of the camera movement was visually troubling to me at times. Over all the movie was good and the subject was relevant to our current world. There were some parts I would like to see again. Glad we attended the event. Recommend this movie for teens to adult; not a movie that kids under 12 would understand well on their own. If I had just lost a loved one, I would have cried through out the movie but it gave me things to think about. Thought provoking movie.
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By TracyeIsHIS
Written December 01, 2015
I enjoyed the movie. There were a few Biblical things referenced that were not as I understood them to be so I kept them in mind so I could check them out through HIS Word later. I Really liked that short clips of a real life family experiencing pain, death, grief while knowing our GOD is Sovereign, was shown. In spite of it's PG rating, I don't know of many children who would have enjoyed this movie however. Will I purchase the DVD when it comes out? Yes! I most certainly will!
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