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By wickham3814
Written November 03, 2013
It was good to see good ole Kirk Cameron again. I was always a fan of him on Growing Pains. I was also encouraged by the fact that it was a packed house, even a girl in a almost a hospital bed like chair, who was on oxygen came to see the film. The film it's self made me see Creation, the Fall, and many other things in a new light that I hadn't even comprehended before. I was also encouraged by the story of the boy who had passed who had faith up until the end. However... I didn't quiet get a clear understanding who "bad things happen to good people." Was it because it is a way for the undeserving to be part of God's plan, to plan a seed to save them.. or was it another reason. It just wasn't very clear. Kirk rambled a bit when it came to that part. The rest was done well. If anything, you should support a good, inspirational film.
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By msilas1952
Written October 09, 2013
The opening with all the individuals that had overcome so much was fantastic. The message of the movie was great. I thought the visual of Kirk's interpretation of the Bible was a little challenging, but then every individual has their own picture of things in their mind when they read it. It followed the Bible so it was ok with me. The story of coming to terms with who God is and how He lets things happen in the world to people that are moral people, and coming to terms with that was good. It was a moving story. Very much a documentary. Not a movie like "Fireproof", with a scripted story line. So if you go expecting that you will be disappointed. It was very uplifting. The message of God being Unstoppable and us as Christians being Unstoppable because of His power was great. Overall I would go again.
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Unstopable the movie

By carlottammm4
Written October 08, 2013
I love anything about GOD this was vary good but it could have went a little deeper they never said anything about Lillith, Adams first wife I would love for Kirt Cameron to do more films I took my family we loved it.
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Timely message

By dornanmary
Written October 04, 2013
I took my adult daughter with me to see Unstoppable last night, and we both left thinking how good God is for such a timely message. Yesterday marked a year after the passing of my mother-in-law, and my daughter was having a hard day remembering her wonderful grandmother. I have also had my younger brother in mind, who lost his fight with cancer a year ago. It is so hard, as a Christian, to explain to people that you choose to be thankful for every day you had with a loved one that has died, and know that as much as you want them here, you would never ask them to come back after they have experienced living in perfect peace with our Heavenly Father. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has lost a loved one, or who is going through any other kind of trial in their lives. Kirk Cameron explains the love of God from the beginning of man to the present in a very compassionate manner. Felt very one-on-one. M.D.
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By almafthompson
Written October 08, 2013
The movie was beautifully done. As always, Kirk gave us new things to think about even if you are a seasoned Bible reader. Love being reminded that God has a purpose and it will not be stopped. God moves the hands and hearts of kings. He can move mine also.
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