UNSTOPPABLE A Live Event with Kirk Cameron 2nd Showing Synopsis
Join Kirk Cameron in his inspiring investigation into the moral origins of good and evil.

Movie Reviews


By kengeer
This movie was a refreshing experience from today's hollywood that just keeps producing garbage, this movie was full of truth, and God's love!!! Kirk Cameron knocked it out of the park with God's...


By kretschmyer
Kirk presented the Gospel message beautifully, he shows God's soveriegnty. It is in the hard times that if we seek Him diligently, that is when we are closet to Him, not in the good times. When we...


By rlgray25
I think this movie was accurate, reassuring, encouraging, and informative. There was raw emotion of pain, suffering, & joy. Kirk features Tim Lee, a wonderful man I have seen multiple times at my...


By sgmcody
Very informative for those who don't intimately know the story of creation and the first covenant that GOD made with man through Noah. Way too much lead in with testimonies. Really came off as a...

Very interesting!

By egordonmeyer
As a catholic, I liked the different thoughts on the bible stories. The hollywood board scene was very funny! The Cane/Abel music scene was fantastic! Music overall was very good....


By rbflory
We went with two other couples, and we all were not expecting a sermon. This was one mans interpretation, some good points made, but some points were not as we were taught by reading the Bible. I...

Kirk knocked it out of the park again.

By mtncowboy9
I am always amazed at the talent God has given this fine man of God. I brought several members of my church from all age ranges. Everyone was in tears and in laughter but most of all we were greatly...


By davidcreecy
Great movie with a fantastic message. Answer to the age old "Job" question..."Why is there pain and suffering and how to deal with it". good for ages 10-12 and above....

Seeking an understanding

By Star reacher
I was drawn to this movie seeking an understanding of the questions we all have, Where is God in bad times? Why do bad things happen to good people? Tough questions to answer. I was pleased to see...


By maritza2522
I really enjoyed watching Kirk as he answered some of the questions that we sometimes ask ourselves when we go through trials and tribulations. Seeing it from a different point of view really put...

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Rated PG-13