• Released
  • November 12, 2010
  • (Sneak on Sat., 11/6 only!)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 38 min
  • Action/Adventure


By housecat4
Written December 10, 2010
Love the action and the play between the characters. Denzel is great as the crusty railroad man and putting up with the new guy. The action is good.
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Just. Absolutely. Horrifying.

By skiermike123
Written November 15, 2010
I believed all the reviews on this site, I went to the movie, and now I want to spoon my eyeballs out. This is the worst movie since Speed 2. Can't even begin to explain how bad this is.
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By calbertini
Written November 21, 2010
Love Denzel, liked Chris Pine in Star Trek. While some of the train scenes are exciting, the movie is at best formulaic...and disappointing even in that perspective.
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By ginna23
Written December 10, 2010
Acting was great and the supernova was also great. Denzel did a great job. Enjoyed the action packed movie and I recommend seeing this one :)
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Doesn't disappoint

By bulletproof angel
Written December 10, 2010
This film is certainly worth seeing in the theater. The action is made even better by the suspense of the plot. Add to this the predictably incredible performance of Denzel Washington and you have a very satisfying action flick. If you liked Chris Pine in Star Trek, you'll enjoy his performance here, he even holds his own with Denzel. Aside from some of the language, it's even a good film to take the kids to.
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