• Released
  • November 12, 2010
  • (Sneak on Sat., 11/6 only!)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 5 min
  • Action/Adventure


By harrysmoviecrazy
Written September 30, 2014
it is true they are UNSTOPPABLE.
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By rick wages
Written November 08, 2010
The movie was all i wanted it to be. exciting, true story, well acted and worth the $20 per person to see with popcorn and coke. However, my family will not be seeing the film. There were just too many God D____ in the movie to get past my spirit. I can understand when in a situation like that, worldly folks will take the Lords name in vain and it may be hard to hear everyone say gosh darn, but God is not pleased with us or anyone who does this and for this reason, i wont own the movie or view again.
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By alexnbill
Written November 18, 2010
I may be a little biased considering that pieces of this movie were filmed in my hometown area but I thought this movie was great! It's hard to believe that a movie that takes place primarily on a train could have action almost every second but this movie manages to have you on the edge of your seat a lot of the time. There is a few laughs for comedic relief and the acting/directing is fantastic. I am buying the DVD as soon as it comes out. :-)
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Five Word Review

By Deborah47
Written November 18, 2010
predictable boring trite unoriginal mundane
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Denzel Denzel Denzel

By Jediinthaworks84
Written November 15, 2010
Scott and Denzel make another classic!! Honestly wasn't too much of a pine fan, but he surprised me in this worked great with Denzel and they both kept you on the edge of your seat wanting them to stop this dang beast!! The train itself Scott did a great job making that a main character of the movie its made in to such a giant scary bad guy! You just hated looking at!! GO SEE :-)
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