Unity Synopsis
Fathom Events and SpectiCast present UNITY featuring an exclusive introduction and Q&A from writer/producer Shaun Monson and others involved in the project.

Movie Reviews


By pminnes
This film was a great reminder that all living things on the planet deserve consideration. It has changed my view on war, food production and human rights forever....

UNITY a must see!

By spanicci
Everyone, and I mean everyone on the planet must see this extraordinary and moving documentary to realize their place, our place in the universe and what the ultimate meaning of life is. If you can...


By deborahpearson101
This was everything I'd hoped it would be and so much more. Left me stunned and rejuvenated....


By arthur179
UNITY is the clearest, most focused, and best delivered presentation that I have ever seen of what humans need to do to move into a so-called "enlightened" place, from the place we all recongnize as...

needless violence

By geniaco
this is not a warm and fuzzy movie. Fifteen people in the theatre and by 45 minutes in, we were the eighth and ninth people to leave. I get the terror of the bull being slaughtered in the first...

a monumental film release

By cmarieberwick
Everyone should see it!...

I Have A Dream (you watch this movie)

By markiskeene
An enlightening re-examination of history. The film transported me to a higher level of wisdom. I hope everyone will value the message of UNITY. Take a leap of FAITH and watch this movie. The content...

By ulyss1919
It makes you realize what we have become....

Loved this documentary!

By tinastacey
Everyone needs to see this!...


By terry249
Very thought-provoking movie. Some really beautiful segments and some really not so beautiful....

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Rated PG-13