Savoca is an Indie legend for a reason

By silkys
Written August 10, 2012
Anything Nancy Savoca makes is a gem. Her films are small miracles of character, story telling and meaning. I caught this at the Toronto Film Festival where it was invited to open. As soon as I saw the name "Savoca" I was in line. She never disappoints. You never forget her movies. While you're watching the big budget efforts you might sit with your mouth open, goggling. But a day later it's lost in the litter of all the rest just like it. With a Savoca film, your heart and your mind engage and what you see and feel stays with you. I can still watch "Dog Fight" with River Phoenix and Lili Taylor in my head. The same goes for ""Household Saints" and "True Love." Savoca won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for "True Love." She wins prizes for everything she makes. I fully expect she'll win again for "Union Square." And then there's the wonderful Mira Sorvino. Sorvino spins through this tale of two sisters like a whirling dervish. It's a tour de force of facade and revelation. Go Savoca!!
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Fantastic Cast and a Haunting Script

By ChelseaMP
Written August 04, 2012
This movie features some of the best acting and tightest storytelling you'll see all year. As soon as you think you have a character figured out -- BOOM, the game changes. Tammy Blanchard and Mira Sorvino shine as mis-matched sisters brought back together abruptly, and it takes the length of the movie for them to really unravel who they are to themselves and each other. A gem of an indie that's heartfelt and relatable to anyone with a family.
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Union Square

By dmarcic
Written August 09, 2012
The beauty and elegance of this movie catches you by surprise, because it starts out loud and extraverted and then takes you to this lovely, sweet, beautiful quiet place where sisters who thought they'd never really align find themselves as each other's supporter and greatest fan. It's a testament to the bonds of love that go back generations, to the power of forgiveness that we all wish for when we know we should be more charitable, to the stubborn insistence of familial connections despite life-long hurts, and to the indomitable need to find one's true self and connect with our own history. You'll go wanting to be entertained and you'll leave feeling comforted in our ability to love what might seem completely unlovable. Dorothy M Playwright
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Another beauty from Savoca

By billi
Written August 10, 2012
It really angers me that people can make comic book movie after comic book movie these days backed by gazillions of dollars, but when a moviemaker of true worth comes along where's the money? Where's the love? Nancy Savoca deserves the True Love of the entire industry for her classy films. Without people like Savoca I'd hardly call movie making an art form anymore. But here she is again, thank goodness, with one of her true movies: heartfelt, exciting in a way blowing up yet another car far surpasses, and intelligent. Oops, does intelligence spell the kiss of death? Sorvino's with her. Mira hasn't been this good since, well, never. She's a terrific actress but working with Savoca she's upped her game. I hope everyone involved wins an Oscar. Especially Savoca.
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By d2000g
Written July 25, 2012
Goes nowhere and ends abruptly just as it seems to be getting started. Don't waste your money.
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