Union Bound Synopsis
A captured Union soldier is freed and helped by slaves.
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Great Story!

By oacffl
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! The story was riveting, the acting was great, and the cinematography was beautiful. Very cool that this is based on a soldier's real diaries....

Great movie!

By ninaborg
This is such an authentic portrayal of a great movie filmed in NC about inspiration .Great actors and crew that worked on this film!...

Union Bound

By ednadavis021
Had already heard this was a low budget film. However, knowing this up front, I still wanted to see the movie. This was an educational movie good for middle school age and older. I thought the...

Union Bound

By Yesterday's Gowns
Historically accurate and period correct details of the Civil War. Liked the music, actresses and actors. Even the scenery was authentic of what the area looked like at the time period. I find it...

Union Bound

By vivianwilliamson
Enjoyed this movie. Very different view of the Civil War. Being based on a diary account of actual events in one man's life, made the storyline so much more personal & interesting. Good actor...

Great Movie.

By Drtimweir
It is a great movie for families. It was historically accurate. Incredible music. Don't listen to the negative naysayers....go see the movie....

Union Bound

By gerrington
Good story of the personal side of civil war and personal effort. Liked music, actors. Pretty authentic....

Great movie!!!

By jagfilms350
Loved the film and that it was a powerful true story....

Great movie

By sueblack
A wonderfully told piece of history. Beautifully filmed. I enjoyed it very much....

A fun adventure!

By jkl1491
This story is an interesting depiction of the Civil War. It is beautifully shot and the acting is spot on to the time. My son and I went to see it and we both loved it. Definitely a must a see!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Violence and Language