"Unfaithful" romance scene, initial resistance.

By Olskol
Written November 09, 2015
This particular scene of the first romantic seductiion of the affair -I'm not sure- how much it take to get to the level and produce a love / lust scene so believable to viewers. And I'm not horny or desparate, but very passionate. I can't help but wonder how she ( Diane Lane) manage to produce such a quiver of convulsions that had overtaken her entire body for that moment of overwhelming curosity to be with that person so passionately -had it taken more than one shot to create it? Of course an attraction to each other helps- yet the acting in the scene is so intense, it's one of those movies that make you repeat; "it's only a movie, none of it is real." I do agree the Best Actress Nod and whatever other awards offered to cast/crew/director, did not fall short of perfection. Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. Myself, there's regret, because when you experience such emotions with a woman, it's a powerful attraction, but not complete if it is Unfaithful. No true closure. Props2all.
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