UnFair: IRS Synopsis
Fathom Events and Gadsden Films invite you to get educated, motivated and activated when UnFair: Exposing the IRS comes to select cinemas nationwide on Tuesday, October 14.

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By jtgregory184
This is a must-see for any American concerned about the erosion of our Constitutional freedoms and the unchecked growth of a faceless bureaucracy with the power to shut down free expression and the...


By heritagefive
This movie was very informative! Listening to these ordinary, every day, hard working, tax paying American citizens share their experiences was painful. I knew the IRS was bad but I did not know...

A MUST SEE for the general public

By caterey
Big Government in the form of the IRS has taken away the average American's rights causing unnecessary harm, financially and emotionally, to law abiding citizens. You must see this and then take...


By euzkara
Every American tax payer should watch this documentary. The IRS must be abolished and replaced as a revenue source with a simple flat consumption tax and no income tax. ....

It's time for a FAIR tax!

By smsslt184
Excellent!! EVERY person in this country should see this movie, especially our elected officials....

Unfair: IRS

By davidhalik184
I really enjoyed the movie even though it except that it's all true. We've been losing our Country for a long time. I think people will start to rise and stand against the U.S Government and...


By carpermc
Shifted my perspective..from being intimidated by this tyrannical entity to ready to fight back against the injustice & corruption. I will work to help abolish the IRS & help find a solution to...


By Abpugs
It was VERY interesting and Informative. I learned so much about the IRS and Lois Lerner. She DESERVES prison time. They talked about how the IRS has been singling out certain 501C groups for many...


By fanspecrd
What an eye opener and great message! If I could have done it over again, I would have gotten 100 people into the theatre and paid for their tickets.....of course they would have to buy their own...

Unfair: Exposing the IRS

By gamburch341
I thought I knew a lot about the abuses by the IRS, but after seeing this very well done documentary, I know that it's even worse than I knew. Everyone should see it, adults and kids....

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Rated PG-13