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Written January 21, 2012
Great story, seems to all go too fast though, and at 1:29 it was way too short --wanted MORE. Total set up ending for the next movie and leaves you slightly hanging. If you haven't seen any of the other Underworld movies, you can still go because it brings you up to speed in the begining of the movie. Good action, I didn't see it in 3D but I plan on it!! A MUST SEE at the theater -- too much action and eye candy to wait for DVD or BluRay... besides... its U N D E R W O R L D ... need I say more? Parents: Dont try and sneek your kids into this, its definately R for violence. Lots of gore and blood gushing everywhere. She's a pretty mad vamp in this.. and it shows. Cinematography: Grungy, not the beautiful Underworld we're used to. A tad bit of cheese. P.S. No need to wait, no previews or scenes at the end of the credits. When its over, its over.
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Good movie, but too short

By Brownfox
Written January 22, 2012
This was a good movie, but ended too short and too abrupt leaving us wishing that there was more to come. They could have developed the characters better; especially that of the little girl. I did enjoy how they recapped all the previous Underworld Movies to give those who had never seen any of them some understanding of the story line of the vampires and lycons. Lots of actions, and definately a must for the big screen. I give it a Thumbs up, and can't wait for the next one. Overall, a very good movie. Not for kids, although I did see alot of parents who brought their small ones to see it. The acting, costumes and cinematography was outstanding.
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By Jadediamond2011
Written January 22, 2012
Kate is Awesome!!!!! This is one of the best Underworld's ever.....My husband and I absolutely loved it. I can't believe the critics didn't give it a great rating. They don't have a clue. The critics rated Haywire a "GO" which proves they don't know what the HELL they're talking about because HAYWIRE was JOKE!!!!! Underworld is definitely the movie to seee.
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Really enjoyed it

By dwpaulk
Written January 23, 2012
I can usually tell how much I'll enjoy a movie by what the critic's write. If they say it sucks, you can almost bet it will be very entertaining and that was the case with this movie. Having seen all of the movies I would say that this is the best one in the series. I was always a fan of the first movie and really and thought the second two were okay. This one seemed like they were getting back to what made the movie great the first time.
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UNDERworld is OVER the top!

By jovial1
Written January 23, 2012
Listen! This movie is a must see for 2012. The film is so action-packed that it feels like you're only in the theater for 10 minutes. I left begging and pleading for more. Kate is seething with rage, heavy laden with grief and palpitating with passion. Never before have I witnessed such a love for kindred. The new vampire hottie is sizzling with sex appeal. His piercing blue eyes can warm even the coldest heart. (All pun intended!) Are you OVER the whole movie going experience? I promise UNDERWorld will "Awaken" your zeal for the thrill of the silver screen. I PROMISE! Watch out Twilight, these vampires in love and out for blood..."death dealer" style.
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