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Awesomesauce, thy name is Kate Beckinsale...

By shalimar24
Written January 21, 2012
If you liked the other Underworld movies then you will most likely enjoy this one too. Its just Selene doing what she does best- annihilating everyone & everything in her path. Finally, real vampires and real werewolves- none of those stupid mamby-pamsy critters from Twilight! Be prepared for decapitations, burnings, maulings, brief snippets of emotion... Werewolves exploding!!!! If you enjoy action-packed gory movies with a sense of urgency then you will enjoy Underworld Awakening. I LOVE the Underworld series, but I am under no illusion as to the type of films they are. They are crap. Wonderful, highly entertaining Hollywood crap! But still crap. So if you're a film snob(like I can be) and are only interested in something critically acclaimed then go watch something else so that you can sleep at night. ;-) But if you just want an hour and a half of pure entertainment and you like vampires & werewolves than this is epic. Just epic. FYI: Its just as good in 2D.
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By FandangoMike1
Written January 21, 2012
I just got back from the theatre and felt compelled to share my view on Underworld: Awakening. I loved it! If you're a fan of the other 3 movies in the franchise, then you'll definitely enjoy this latest installment in the Underworld saga! There are a lot of negative reviews out there...DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! In order to understand and appreciate what is happening in this film, you should consider seeing the other 3 so that you can understand what this movie is all about. You could see this without having seen the other 3, but in my opinion, you won't be able to fully appreciate or understand how this film progresses the story. Having seen the other Underworlds, I was very satisfied with the story development that this film provides. For those that claim that there is no plot, they have no clue what they're saying. Do some homework, watch the other films, and then you'll understand exactly what's happening! Action and suspense that you have grown to love from Underworld! GO!!
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Selene is Back!

By bonesaw192
Written January 20, 2012
If you're a fan of the previous Underworld movies, like me, this is a must see movie. Not only is the sexy vampire death dealer back, but she's in Momma Bear protection mode. As always, the effects are well done, and while this installment in the series might have a little more gore than the others, they are not to disturbing levels. Kate Beckinsale does an amazing job, again, and her costars do very well also. Probably more for teens to adults, not for kids, but a very enjoyable flick
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A must see for Underworld fans.

By bugsmac9
Written January 23, 2012
The 3D effects were great. However the plot and action sequences make it good in any viewing arena. My wife was also glad that there was not a sex scene as in the second episode.
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Great sequel

By morpheusxp
Written February 01, 2012
I really enjoyed the new Underworld sequel. This has become quite the franchise,always action packed with beautiful visuals and unbelievable special fx. Imho this newest sequel outshines the previous attempt. And the 3D really added to the shock value of the special fx. India Eisley really did a great job pulling off her action sequences,very scary young lady. And of course Kate Beckinsale does a great job as Selene. She is one of a handful of women that can pull off the lead in an action flick,great job. Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed the film and do hope Kate decides to continue the franchise. It isn't quite the same w/o her.
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