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Underworld Awakening 3D Synopsis
Vampire warrior Selene escapes imprisonment to find that humans are killing vampires and lycans.

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Entertainment Weekly

By Adam Markovitz
Why are they fighting again? Never you mind. Just sit tight till the next action sequence (it won't be long), and get ready to laugh - with...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By David Hiltbrand
There's not much to this movie beyond a slick procession of dark, gleaming violence. But Selene lovers would pay good 3D money to see her...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
More aggressively violent and thankfully less mythology driven than previous installments, Underworld: Awakening is strictly for the...
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Boston Globe

By Tom Russo
A sequel seemingly eager to assert that monster mashes are about B-movie chills not "Twilight'' melodrama. Eager to a fault, ultimately.
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By Kim Newman
Not a complete disaster, but also not the vampire / werewolf mash we've always wanted.
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Murky and perpetually bluish in tinge, Underworld: Awakening does and gets little with the 3-D in which it's being offered, and ends by...
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Boxoffice Magazine

Kate Beckinsale can still fill out a skin-tight leather bodysuit, but with Awakening, the vampires-vs-werewolves Underworld franchise has...
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Time Out New York

Also missing: the series' reliable camp heavies, Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen, and most of the so-called Lycans who, their appearance in a...
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Slant Magazine

The only thing that manages to outpace Underworld: Awakening's ineptitude is its utter soullessness.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
Latest, dreadful entry in the vampires-battling-werewolves franchise.
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Awesomesauce, thy name is Kate Beckinsale...

By shalimar24
If you liked the other Underworld movies then you will most likely enjoy this one too. Its just Selene doing what she does best- annihilating everyone & everything in her path. Finally, real vampires...


By FandangoMike1
I just got back from the theatre and felt compelled to share my view on Underworld: Awakening. I loved it! If you're a fan of the other 3 movies in the franchise, then you'll definitely enjoy this...

Selene is Back!

By bonesaw192
If you're a fan of the previous Underworld movies, like me, this is a must see movie. Not only is the sexy vampire death dealer back, but she's in Momma Bear protection mode. As always, the effects...

A must see for Underworld fans.

By bugsmac9
The 3D effects were great. However the plot and action sequences make it good in any viewing arena. My wife was also glad that there was not a sex scene as in the second episode....

Great sequel

By morpheusxp
I really enjoyed the new Underworld sequel. This has become quite the franchise,always action packed with beautiful visuals and unbelievable special fx. Imho this newest sequel outshines the previous...

Recommended for fans of the series-don't need to see it in 3D

By saxdiver
It was ironic that a trailer for the new Resident Evil film was shown, because it would appear that the Underworld series is heading the same direction. For fans, this will be a satisfying setup for...

Series has not dissapointed yet...

By abelwon
Series has not dissapointed yet...actually its gotten better. With a new twist to the story and a storyline change within it this action-packed film will keep you hungry for another Underworld. I...

Love it!

By sucka4movies
I must admit that I was a little skeptical before seeing this movie. But I'm such a sucker for the Underworld series that I couldn't resist watching. I was not disappointed with movie. My husband and...

Awesome movie

By atomichipster
I've been a big fan of the Underworld movies so I was excited to see that a new movie had come out. I was a little apprehensive after reading the movie critic reviews but thankfully the Underworld...

The REAL Vampire/Lycan series

By whitemanwithafro
The movie was everything you'd expect from this fantastic series. Although, it being made available in 3D really didn't do it justice. It should have stayed 2D instead of paying the extra fee for the...

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Rated R | For strong violence and gore, and for some language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says not for kids Selene returns for more dreary action and very gory thrills.
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