By moccabi
Written August 24, 2016
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Under the Tuscan Sun

By chrisratesmovie
Written August 08, 2008
Under the Tuscan Sun will likely charm you. Owed largely to the musical ambiance there is also a very well craft und unconventional story to be seen. The film does not allow you to predict exactly what will happen between characters because the story is constructed such that one does not know who and how ancillary characters will exactly contribute to the main character’s course, visa versa. And realistically, she (Diane Lane) herself is not even sure how to get what she wants. This writing is a confident stab at real life for those who act on impulses more than plan out each day. That, I think, is the romantic achievement. The backdrop is lovely, the scenes are enjoyable, the characters are fun, and we catch a glimpse of old world in collision with modern day presumptions.
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