“UNDER THE SEA 3-D” -- An Octopus’ Garden of Delight =

By jimchudnow
Written February 13, 2009
(Based on an advance preview): This new IMAX documentary (calmly narrated by Jim Carrey) is a WONDERFULLY done and enjoyable film. While I’d expected to see mainly just the “usual suspects” in sea-based films, this one has loads of fabulous footage of many SELDOM-seen species such as (color- and texture-changing) cuttlefish, sea dragons, squid, jellyfish, Australian sea lions and others. The natural camouflage and actions of some of these creatures is often mind-boggling, and the 3-D feature just ADDS to the depth and appreciation for what has been achieved. Besides being fascinating and beautiful, the film also points out the ever-increasing DANGERS to the sea environment caused by rising temperatures and increased pollution. Overall, a really impressive and pleasurable effort, highly recommended & so good I wish it had been much LONGER in length!
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A 3D Must See!!!

By cinemanimetal
Written April 29, 2009
I have seen lots of 3D movies in my time either through Real D, Analgyph 3D, or various theme park attractions such as T2:3d or The Amazing Spiderman ride at Universal Studios. That said this is the first time I have truly seen 3D. IMAX 3D is something that must be experienced. I can't speak for other 3D IMAX offerings playing currently since this is the first one I have seen (barring the disappointing 3D segments of Superman Returns which were not made with the intention of a 3D release). I can only speak to the quality of this film, Under The Sea 3D. I would say watching this movie is like really being under the sea except if you really were you would be completely wet and would have drowned quite early on. Instead this is like the ocean was somehow glued to your eyes so that everything is like an underwater show made just for you. The 3D is simply that good. The content may be nothing beyond standard documentary fare, but the IMAX 3D experience makes it a must see!
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Under The Sea 3D

By Dean Kurtz
Written September 02, 2009
Fantastic, Exceptional !
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By critic1313
Written March 03, 2009
35 min, way to short....we spent $65 on 2 kids and 2 adults for a 35 min move, its ridiculous!! it mainly focused on cuttle fish...didnt like it and was not happy with it at all
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under the sea

By illi
Written February 18, 2009
While the movie was beautifully shot and the 3D experience great, it was hardly worth the price of admission. First, it was only 41 minutes! Second, the lecturing about global warming, although an admirable topic, seems more appropriate for a free television program than a paid movie experience. I don't expect to be lectured as entertainment and if I am at least it should not be not continuously throughout the show. It seemed more like an erudite infomercial because of its disappointing length and didactic tone--we wanted more stunning visuals of under the sea and were left hanging.
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