There's NO need to Fear....Underdog is HERE!!!

By muviman
Written July 20, 2007
Yes, it's about time Disney has turned a popular '60s cartoon show into a live-action movie. Our canine hero has finally come torescue from the evil clutches of Simon Von Sinister, his dumb-witted assisstant Cad, and Riff-Raff I remeber watching Underdog while I was a kid, along with Tennessee Tuxedo, Go Go Gophers, Klondike Kat & Commander McBragg. Underdog happens to be my favorite cartoon characters. Jason (My Name is Earl) Lee does a fine job playing the movie's title character & his alter-ego, Shoeshine also features Amy Adams as Sweet Polly Purebred, and Brad Garrett as Riff-Raff. It also co-stars Peter Dinklage as Simon Von Sinister, & Ptrick Warburton as Cad. Anyway, Don't take my word. No Plane, No Bird. No Frog. It's just me (Crash)... Underdog.
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By vfbvhbhbfb
Written July 15, 2007

best dog movie ever

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The small screen cartoons are more enjoyable

By old_george
Written December 29, 2008
In this case, trying to make a human film out of a cartoon just doesn't make it. The film company and the producers sure bet wrong on this one. I don't even think the kids would like this film. Let them watch cartoons instead.
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Pure genius

By Mr_Christopher
Written November 17, 2008
What this world needs is more movies about talking dogs.
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it was GREAT

By movie_dudes_to_the_max
Written December 22, 2007
if you didnt watch it in theaters you must rent it
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