What parents need to know

Parents need to know that the movie focuses on high school-aged boys engaged in illegal activities (stealing cars, in order to support a drug ring). They also drink, smoke, disrespect their teachers, and talk about sex (using slang referring to Viagra, erections, and sexually transmitted disease). The film also features mild images of action-movie violence: car/bicycle chases, fights, rough competition on the basketball court, and shoot-outs (including the use of a nail gun as a weapon). These rebellious students, adult villains, and some hardnosed cops lie to, betray, and disparage other characters. Women occasionally wear scant clothing, including one girl who sunbathes topless (she covers her chest with her arms). Some fart, bowel movement, and puke jokes.
  • Families can talk about Tre's desire to live up to his father's legacy as an L.A. cop. How does this put pressure on his own ambitions as a cop? When Tre goes undercover as a high school student, how does his flirtation with his teacher lead to questions about propriety (hers as well as his)? How does his relationship with his captain lead to tension (over material objects, like cars and property)? What might Tre do to change his status in the department, short of sneaking out without his captain's permission? That is, how does his misbehavior mirror that of the criminal kids he's supposed to arrest?
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