Undefeated was a wonderful movie!

By Eastwood_is_best
Written July 15, 2011
I just returned from seeing this movie and I am so glad I went. This movie did two things for me: 1) It reminded me of why I love Sarah Palin. She is without a doubt, the real deal. 2) It reminded me of how much trouble our country is in and how important it is that we support people like Sarah Palin and the strong conservative, christian-based principles that she stands for. There is also some great footage of Alaska in this movie. Get the family, kids, neighbors, church group, or anyone else that you can and take them to this movie. You will be glad you did.
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By hagfan57
Written July 16, 2011
Great film. Every conservative needs to see this one. And every liberal needs to as well.
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The Undefeated review

By navyvetz
Written July 23, 2011
Think recycle . . . do TODAY what is GREAT for tomorrow!
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Righteous indignation

By LivyLA
Written July 17, 2011
Saw this movie. The leftist in their visceral hatred of women are out of control and this is on both sides of the aisle. But what can we expect from a bunch of baby killing, haters who have nothing but darkness in their hearts. This movie, whether this woman runs for president or not, should cast a fear in every American's heart as to how deep-seeded deceit is in our political structure and how we need to cast out EVERY Demoncrat and MOST Republicans from our nation's capital.
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Undefeated Unrelenting Unapologetic Unconventional Force of Nature

By Buttered_Popcorn_Head
Written July 16, 2011
Love Sarah Palin, love the movie. Hate Sarah Palin, hate the movie. Well-made and full of the information you need to know to understand what her vision for the country is.
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