Undefeated (2012) Synopsis
High-school football players strive to win their school's first playoff game in 110 years.
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No Sandra Bullock, but who cares

By iknowbest
I liked this very much. It did get slow in a few places, but largely moved along well. This is a pretty fascinating film, and terribly depressing within the context that there is an awful lot of...


By sirvalle
Great movie! Reminded me of 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Blind Side', but seemed more realistic. I think its a good movie for high school kids and adults....

Great Story, Questionable Editing

By uruguayzinger
The story is a typical comeback-kid, sports movie story. It's pretty amazing that it's a true story and a documentary because it seemed straight out of [insert stereotypical sports movie here]. My...

Great Movie

By lynbrook
Undefeated was one of the best and inspirational movies I have ever seen. The documentary made me feel like I could conquer the world....

By pjeter


By donnavanderbilt
This movie was awesome! I'm so glad I decided to take my 8yo son (who's dad also has bailed). This was the best story of what it means to become a man and be the best man you can possibly be. Thank u...


By Peneflix
At the risk of being pejorative I still prefer "Pina"... Coming from a family of football fanatics; ingrained from birth, intrinsic in our genetic composition, male/female, there was no cure...


By Mr Film Freak
With all of the Oscar buzz it got I checked out Undefeated with all expectations that it would be great and it really was. Think BlindSide in documentary form that gives it all the realness without...


By Stanley Loeb
This is the real 'Blind Side' For genuine passion for football, biracial love of man, and affection and understanding, there have been very few to match this movie about Coach Courtney at Manassas...

Worth The Ticket For Just One Of Its Scenes.

By Al P
Yes, there's a formula here. Too bad it barely exists in real life. This is a documentary whose subject is far less, diminuitive by comparison, than the people it introduces to the world. One more...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Language
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Common Sense Media says Inspiring football documentary about the power of teamwork.
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