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By herdof8
Written September 26, 2012
This is a movie that is both entertaining and provides the viewer with something worthwhile to consider after the movie has ended. The plot takes a number of unexpected turns and hits at the heart of our tendency to focus on our griefs and trials which leads many times to a thirst for revenge at worst and a rush to judgment at best. The acting was very good and the actors certainly fit their parts. Absolutely recommend this as a worthwhile movie.
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Life Changing

By andreadmorris67
Written September 22, 2012
If you don't see another movie in your lifetime, see Unconditional. The message is very powerful and there is never a dull moment! The story is great, the acting is amazing, believable, and real.
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Definitely worth seeing!!!!

By hpzumba
Written September 28, 2012
Excellent movie! It should be in more theaters! It is nice to finally see a good drama without the cussing and swearing, yet the point gets across. I would see it again!
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simply a beautiful story

By ekaluna
Written September 23, 2014
Its surprising that this movie is in only 2 theatres in manhattan, but I'm glad I saw it. Its a beautiful story and great acting. I brought my 2 sons (ages 7 and 11) even though it is PG-13 and they also enjoyed this moving. Very inspiring!
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By rskr
Written September 24, 2012
I loved this movie! Wish there were more movies like this that I could take my kids to see. The acting was superb! The director did a great job. This movie is a must for all to see. The love of God was glorified through these characters lives. Again, I loved it!
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