By Zizwe
Written March 22, 2017
I can not lie - I went to see this movie because of Michael Ealy - hadn't even seen a trailer. But while Michael Ealy might have gotten me into the theater, it's the amazing story that kept me riveted. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE and SO INSPIRING. I left the theater feeling full of hope & marveling at life's miracles. This is a must see movie - just carry your tissue because i was balling like a baby! Beautiful beautiful story!
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By mkcjolie
Written August 29, 2016
I read the book twice before the release date so I knew that it would be a great movie. The entire cast were great like they had worked together before? Each cast member made you feel like you could relate to them and their role. This is a movie for all ages and could possibly teach kids values. The director did an excellent job and got the right actor/actress for each part! I would highly recommend this movie and YES I would pay to see it again! Definitely will be purchasing this when it comes out on DVD! Melinda
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Why should you not go to this movie...

By bk431010
Written February 26, 2017
OK, up front, I will admit I'm a big softy, but if you don't like to cry at movies, you better skip this one. My favorite movie is Braveheart & I luv action films, but this movie touched my heart so much, I actually made girlyboy sounds from holding back crying as I sat next to my wife. Great acting, the storyline was incredible and how it all tied together in the end, is what all feel good movies are about. Mature content but a must go for those who enjoy movies that speak truth to the harsh realities of this world while maintaining integrity in doing so. I think this just replaced my #1 favorite of all time.
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Unconditional is a MUST SEE

By SuzanneTX
Written December 03, 2016
Beautiful movie - the story and the cinematography are unforgettable! The story pulls you in and you are rooting for the characters which are so well developed. The film entertains you, pulls at your heartstrings and leaves you thinking. It has a message that will stay with me for a very long time without being "preachy". It is authentic - stop reading this and buy a ticket!!
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Unconditional was Unbelievable!

By ekrrk
Written May 30, 2016
I didn't expect much when I went to see this, but boy was it a pleasant suprise! It's a must see movie. It's one of those rare movies these days that has a good meaning & really makes you feel good about life. My wife & I absolutely loved this movie! Please go see UNCONDITIONAL!!!
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