Unax Ugalde


European-born actor Unax Ugalde debuted onscreen in his early twenties, receiving one of his first screen assignments with a lead: that of David, a wayward and ignorant young man who drifts aimlessly into a live of dope dealing to save himself from homelessness, in Josecho San Mateo's gritty urban drama Fill Me with Life (2000). The part both spoke to Ugalde's ability to handle emotionally demanding and difficult assignments and, in terms of raw intensity, set the pattern for many of his subsequent project choices -- such as the moody 2001 psychological drama Mi Dulce, the maritime nail-biter Camara Oscura (2004), and the relentlessly brutal action thriller Rosario Tijeras (2005). Ugalde achieved international crossover appeal with small supporting roles in two projects that emerged at about the same time: Milos Forman's Francisco Goya biopic Goya's Ghosts (2006) and Mike Newell's sweeping romantic drama Love in the Time of Cholera (2007). ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

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