By badhorsie
Written December 01, 2006
Sounds like another "Home Alone". Kind of like how "Die Hard 2" was at an airport, even though "Die Hard" wasn't. So its like "Home Alone" meets "Die Hard 2" only not. My brain hurts.
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Formulaic But Funny

By Ternoli
Written December 11, 2006
This is a really carefree way to spend a couple of hours. Is it Oscar material? No way, but it is fun and perfectly appropriate for the 13 and under crowd. Just good old fashioned fun. Some good laughs. The story line is somewhere between Home Alone and Breakfast Club but not in the same league qualitywise.
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Movie leaves you happy.

By unnut
Written December 13, 2006
6 kids stuck at an Airport, and nobody to supervise them. You know that probably you are going to get a Home Alone six times over. However this is different. This movie is no Home Alone, but it still works. The humor though some what crude at times, still makes you laugh. You can see that this bunch of kids is not very different that the kids you see all around you, and that is what makes you connect with them. For me, a movie works when you can relate to the characters. They look to you as if they are from around you, and you know them very well. In UM characters I can see people who we meet every day. Kids, who want to have fun despite of all the problems they have in their lives, people who want to make a difference etc. At the same time the movie leaves you happy. As we left the theater all of us (me, my wife and my daughter) were really happy, about a well spent Sunday afternoon. Go for this movie. This could be a really nice Christmas gift for your kids or loved ones
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Written December 10, 2006
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great fun for birthday celebration

By movie_junkster
Written December 16, 2006
very funny for kids between 7-12 to go together and enjoy the movie
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