U, Me Aur Hum Synopsis
A man (Ajay Devgan) and his wife (Kajol ) share a deep and enduring bond.

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By JoyousFaith
I expected this to be a Bollywood Masala film. Couple meets on boat. Boy pursues girl. Girl likes being pursued. Marriage takes place. Boy and girl get to know eachohther better. Boy and girl...

Excellent movie

By Jimmy7
must watch! excelleent work by ajay devgan kajol's performance was best as ajay. it's touching movie. great love story...

Very slow

By VijiR
Movie is very slow. Untimely jokes. Characters did not really touch your heart. Very boring at many times. Coudn't wait to get out of the theatre....


By rachana_sheth
This movie was just AMAZING - very very touching movie - anyone and everyone who is and isn't in love should see this movie - it explains marriage and relationships in such an awesome way and...

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Rated PG