Ultramarathon Man Synopsis
Marathon runner Dean Karnazes completes 50 marathons across the country in as many days.

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Ultra Marathon Man

By Sleddog
We really enjoyed the movie. It was as much about the people and places met along the way as it was about such a focused and exceptional individual as Karnazes. There was a also a clear...

Ultramarathon Man

By buto
Inspiring movie! Really enjoyed it. Be careful to not sit too close to screen if you get seasick. "Bumpy documentary-type" filming tended to be tough to watch up close for my husband. He couldn't...


By kutchyk
I really enjoyed the movie. I hope they put it on DVD because I want all my friends/family to see it. You can't help but be inspired. What was so great too is that it wasn't all about Dean Karnazes....

Very Well Done.

By MetroPointe Mortgae
Very well done. A good look at the driving forces of Dean Karnazes. A very human look at a super human accomplishment! I would go again....SCHEDULE AN ENCORE PRESENTATION!!...

Great Movie!

By susanlarsonmn
Very inspirational!...

Ultramarathon Man

By ultrajarom
Awesome and inspiring!!! Everyone should see it....

Ultramarathon Man

By neffo
I was so looking forward to seeing this Movie. I had my Fandango ticket in hand, and headed to the theeater... Sold Out was the sign on the window. Feeling happy that I had my ticket already from...

Ultra Marathon Man - 50 Marathons in 50 Days

By Run Real
Best movie ever! So motivating and uplifting. Very inspirational! Good movie for the entire family !...

Ultramarathon Man is Ultra Good

By goebel
It may take being an endurance runner to fully appreciate this movie, but being one, I loved it. Very well done, very fluid, good sound track, and most importantly it is a very good story. If you...

No Show

By davemoore@utah-inter.net
I really wanted to see this movie, but the local theater in West Valley City, UT cancelled the screening....

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