What? No hype!

By cwilly
Written April 17, 2007
WOW!!! What an incredible movie. As an avid movie goer and retiree, I see a lot of movies. I have not seen a movie this good in a long time. Take the kids, take the grandparents, take someone...but go see this movie.
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Meaningful and Well Done

By cowgirl_ezme
Written April 16, 2007
While expecting a somewhat sappy and overly sentimental show, I was thrilled to find myself drawn in to this genuine and entertaining moral tale. It goes deep enough to be truely resonate while keeping in touch with the important choices in life that we can all relate to. I must see it again with my children and friends!
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The Ultimate Gift

By momoviebuff
Written April 04, 2007
Awesome family movie. My sixteen-year-old son and thirteen-year-old daughter both enjoyed it, my daughter immediately putting it on her "birthday list". It is a combination action, romance, life lesson movie and is brilliantly acted and directed. There are a few flaws, but none worth mentioning. What a relief to take my kids to a movie with no bad language or disturbing images and with inspirational life lessons. I'm 54 and I really enjoyed it and felt inspired, too!
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By Optimism
Written March 12, 2007
"The Gift" is a gift to the viewer. Some excellent acting, an interesting plot, a Point of View that will have you talking and thinking AFTER the movie. Highly recommended. In spite of a few unbelievable moments, "Gift" is A Must Go.
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The Ultimate Gift

By John and Sheri Tiner
Written March 15, 2007
The best movie of the year with out a doubt. This movie is more than intertaining. The life lessons are the real gift in this movie. How refreashing a movie that intertains and gives great lessons in life with no violence, sex or bad language. I recommend this movie to anyone. The actors and actresses were all very good actually superb. Well done!! The theater was empty. Needs to be promoted.
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