Loved it! Felt like I was really there!

By darlynbaker
Written August 02, 2015
Having been to many UFC events, this was our first experience in a theater. And, of all theaters, it was in Times Square where we were vacationing. I was a bit curious as to what type of crowd we would encounter due to the $20 ticket price compared to $200+ we usually pay when attending an event. NO beer avaiable! Great crowd! The sound system felt as though we were actually in the arena enhanced by everyone cheering for their favorite. There were two bouncer type guys stationed as you entered the theater, which was reassuring. I wish more theaters offered this form of viewing. It was great!
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St.Pierre Vs. Condit

By hurricane.orangutan
Written July 01, 2016
when my brother told me you guys were airing this in theatres, i couldnt believe it. such a great a idea! i honestly hope you guys continue to do it with other events: like maybe the Superbowl?? Boxing and even WWE pay-per0view events. we no longer have to worry about finding time to clean up the house for our own guests, who's ordering food from where? and hen the dreadful clean-up after these people leave ur house lol. awesomeness. i think my only issue with the show was the douchebags in the audience. w.t.f.... i understand the difficulty, but if there was somehow a way to weed out the clowns that were just being assholes, yelling at the screen, screaming obscenities... and just being an overall, classic Grade A douché. a bit excessive and uncalled for. it interrupted the show and was pretty damn annoying. other than that, it was a great experience. at the end of the day, i would still attend another showing similar to this. thanks.
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UFC experience on the Big Screen.

By mrdavidnunez
Written November 18, 2012
Cheaper than PPV, and on a huge screen, I would say that is a win.
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Started great, ended fantastic!

By paulied526
Written May 30, 2016
Had a great time. Hope you play more UFCs in movie theaters!
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By 695537381
Written November 18, 2012
Wish I could be watching this fight!!!
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