UFC 143 Live in 3D: Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz Synopsis
Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit fight for the UFC welterweight championship. From Las Vegas.

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UFC 143

By viewerblue
I was thrilled to be able to see a UFC premium fight for less than $50. The 3D element was a distraction a few times. The referee seemed more like some guy standing in the row in front of you...

HolyCrap It Was Awesome

By Jaywizzz
Greatest fights ever. Best main event in a while seeing Nick Diaz go down....


By kbaker31
The UFC in 3D was amazing. I will go to all of these in the future. Please do it again!!!...

Good presentation, terrible main event

By MetalSlugger
The 3D for this event was amazing...just like being ringside! Too bad there were a couple of spots of video/audio instability. As far as the fights themselves they were all pretty good except for...

Like being in the ring!

By WilleyAngel
I love seeing UFC at the theater, however I think the tickets were a little overpriced $30/ticket, the picture in3D was a little blury and there were a few times when the digital output messed up...


By dannyelfman1
wasn't impressed with the 3D. fights were awesome though....

great if you like mma

By catherinewish
My 15 year old and his friends are big MMA fans,my son has not missed a live event since he first became interested in mma in april 2010. His hero is viktor balfort. I got so tired of seeing people...

By hectorrenta

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Rated PG-13