See it to Believe It

By pumkinnose
Written February 03, 2008
The 3D expericence is amazing. I recomended this movie to every U2 fan out there.
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By DblPlay19
Written February 21, 2008
I have seen U2 live twelve times. This was better than when I had to settle for nose bleed seats. This was almost as good as when I was at the Providence, RI , 10/01. If you even like U2 a little bit. This is the best Fifteen Dollars you will spend!! I plan on taking my friends and seeing it again.
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By vertigo12314
Written January 21, 2008
An incredible array of songs from the worlds best band. I went to the premier, and the movie is sooooo fun to watch, if you like U2 at all. go see it, it will be worth the money!
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By ckcfan
Written February 25, 2008
Huge fan of U2--I have to say it's almost as good as seeing them live. With the 3D glasses, you felt like you were on stage with them. Loved it!!! Wished I was there at the concert...they are incredible performers, and their music just gets better and better. My only critique: the volume was a little bit low in the beginning of the movie, I noticed it got louder after the 1st few songs.
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Not a U2 Fan - You Wil Be after U23D

By crazyforbono
Written January 25, 2008
This movie was spectacular. Great footage and 3d fliming. It did not make me "dizzy" as some 3d movies tend to do. There were at times that you felt that you could touch the band and that they were performing for you personally as they were so close to you and so real. The music was incredible. It gave me a feel for what the fans look like from the band's perspective as they are performing. GO and ENJOY! Don't miss this one!!!!
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