Tyson Synopsis
Former boxer Mike Tyson reflects on his life in and out of the ring.
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Tyson finally gets to tell his side of the story.

By ahmadr
A great documentary about a great sports icon and American character. You get to know the complexities of this man through his honest testimony. It makes you realize that until you've walked in...

This is a must see movie!

By 36yearoldmale
This is perhaps one of the best documentaries I can recall seeing. The editing is terrific and the movie really flows beautifully despite being almost 2 hours long. Tyson is portrayed in a manner...

One of the best fighters ever!

By tscrooke
He his one of the most controversial fighters of all times with with ear bittings, to pushing people down stairs to some of the most unbelievable K.Os of al time. He is finally exposed and speaks out...


By movie_watcher5
I'm not sure what the other reviewers are talking about. I have read two books on Tyson and saw the Barbra Kopple documentary on TV some years ago, but I still found this film to be creative and...


By wsamuels
Excellent shows clearly the huge mental and social impact of growing up in poverty and without parental love....


By chicago1979
Great film about a very interesting American character....

Same ol' stuff

By Moviegirl12345
Saw the whole movie on the internet, same ol stuff from the last 20 years. Zzzzzzz...


By wperson
Great documentary. Highly reccomment it as a "must see". The director did a fantastic job of allowing MikeTyson the space and comfort to be openly honesty....


By popcornwithbutter
Fascinating portrait of an inhumane man and of the forces that made him the way he is....

My favorite fighter of all time..

By TankOne559
Going in to see this I heard alot of great things about this film, from my own peers, a couple newspapers, Kevin and Bean, etc. I expected this to be great and it surpassed that. Seeing Mike be so...

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Rated R | For language including sexual references